Moser 12-Bolt... more pics to come after painting and during install.

Strapped in tight.

This is where it rode for 300 miles!

On the floor without breaking it.

Thanks to my friend, Van for coming over after 10 PM to help unload it. (Even though it took 3 cans of brake cleaner to get his drool off of the damn thing!)

Wide angle lens are cool for lots of effects and skinny models, but it does misrepresent the alignment of the spring perches. The far side axle tube even appear to be a litte forward... just another lens-lie!

Van is still bitching that I didn't get the heavy cover w/support... I don't think my small block and transbrake are going to harm the 33 spline axles that are going in here :-)

Closeup of a spring perch.

One fellow emailed and said he had this same rearend and this was 1.5 inches too high.

I fail to see how it could be any lower. But I am going to request a pic from him. Maybe Moser used to make them different?

Here is the passenger side up close.

The fellow claimed that side was 1 inch too high.

Maybe they have changed their design.

This didn't make my eyes dry :-(

Here is something that could be included for the $2000 price tag (+/-). You have to drain your rearend, remove cover, c-clips, axles to get these plates that support your brakes.

A true "bolt in" would include that. Now I am finding it very difficult to sell the old rear end without the plates.

I am sure some billet aluminum or CNC machined steel ones would not add much to the manufacturing costs.

OK, the shop is a mess right now. But with the door shut it is 68 degrees inside and 98+ outside... :-)

FLASH - news alert!! Don't use the C-clip eliminator

Transmission and Shifter install pics follow

New transmission...on the floor!

You can't read the writing on the knob in these pics, but it says:

.500 light
On Dial-in
No Excuses
No Trailer


Coming back soon!!!

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